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SaaS Solutions: How Does it Simplify Data Collection

Data collection is one of the biggest concerns most business owners and facility asset managers have. Unreliable data can cause a ton of problems for companies, businesses, organisations, and more. A simple typo, a single incorrect number, or a small mistake in calculation, can lead to a number of disastrous results that would costs a lot of financial resources.

The cause for this error is mostly due to inaccurate, unnecessarily difficult, and rather complex, data gathering method. Thanks to recent advances in technology, the SaaS (Software as a Service) was invented, and have simplified the process, making it easier, less hassling, and minimises the instances of error. But how exactly does SaaS simplify data collection?

Allows Users to Begin Immediately

The business environment nowadays, require that individuals are able to move in a fast pace. This is where the power of scalability comes into play. Though commonly used before, traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, doesn’t allow users to gain access for some parts of the supply process (especially for new users). Traditional ERP software is also highly dependent with the hardware’s platform performance, which means only a limited number of input devices can connect to the server at a given time.

Due to the limitations, data assemblage is often delayed, eventually, leading to inefficient purchasing practices. SaaS, on the other hand, can be accessed by anyone who is affiliated, anywhere and anytime. Both employees and managers have the capability to access and input the data directly into the system, via computers, tablets, and other devices. The number of users is also scalable, which means anyone can access the information, regardless of how many are connecting to the server, at any given time.

Easy Transition Between New and Existing Data

There are times that the transition between new and existing data can encounter some hiccups. Some errors might occur, which lead to data corruption, making it no longer reliable or usable. SaaS solutions help users to report, collect, and analyse huge amounts of data. The software also makes it easier for new data to be imported to the existing, making the transition seamless.

Record and Upload Data from Any Device

Traditional ERP has a lot of limitations. A certain limitation that causes much inconvenience is that it doesn’t allow users to record and upload data from any device. SaaS lets users create reports, access workflows, and enter data from almost any type of device, anywhere and anytime. This function makes it convenient for facility managers, employees, and other affiliates who need real-time access to the data. They can also analyse and make changes to the information on the fly, as long as they have access to the Internet.

A simpler and faster way to collect data means a lot to organisations, businesses, companies, and more. After all, almost everything in the modern world is run by data, and having flexible control over it is definitely an edge. A simplified collection process also lessens errors, making the gathered data reliable, and less prone to cause issues.