AI Assets is an easy-to-use way to create or update your commercial property asset register and quickly create condition reports, asset lifecycle analysis and property budgets and financials. Download the app to your iPad, travel to your site, and use the app to capture photographs and capture the details of each asset. Our database of common commercial building assets has more than 1500 items or you can quickly enter and customise details – and it works even without access to wifi making it ideal for remote sites. Once you’re back online, you can quickly create reports and spreadsheets and update these at any time.

AI Assets is the ideal solution for property surveyors looking for ways to improve the speed and efficiency with which they conduct asset surveys, asset condition audits and planned preventative maintenance surveys for clients. We help property surveyors do more work for more clients more frequently. 


AI Assets can also be used by facility managers and property owners to see the status of assets at any time, and update whenever repairs or maintenance work is carried out. AI Assets is also a great tool to share with your financial team as the fact that the data is accurate and up to date makes it easy to create more accurate capex, opex, financials and forecasting budgets.


AI Assets is also ideal for category-specific property inspection services, such as fire inspectors, disability and access inspections and environmental assessments. The AI Asset system allows you to quickly and easily identify and capture assets and their condition and write reports and provide costing estimates and recommendations to bring property assets back to compliance.

Tagging assets is relatively easy using AI Assets but it is up to the individual client if you wish to tag assets or not based on your own policies. Using the AI Assets iPad app makes it easy to clearly identify and capture assets even without tags.

The length of time it takes to physically inspect commercial property assets and produce the necessary reports and paperwork, means asset condition updates have traditionally only been carried out every five to 10 years – or even more infrequently. The reports and information themselves have been kept in printed reports or files which has made them static. If you wanted to use the information in them further, this has needed to be extracted manually. AI Assets turns your asset management into a live data stream. The information captured during your asset inspections is fed automatically into spreadsheets and reports so you can start to use your data for insights and action immediately. Using AI Assets, you’ll speed up your inspections and reporting, which means you’ll be able to do more inspections more often. And when you carry out repairs and maintenance, you can quickly update the asset register, ensuring your data is always up to date, meaning future financials that you create off the register are also more accurate.

Traditionally, asset lifecycle reports have been conducted every five or ten years in commercial property due to the length of time that it takes to capture the data and compile the analysis. The outcome of this is lifecycle data that can be extensively out of date or is based on approximations, ensuring that any financial planning is equally based on “best estimates”. But AI Assets changes that. By making it quicker and easier to capture asset information more consistently, your data becomes a live feed rather than a static report. This means you can afford to capture asset data more regularly or update as repairs and maintenance schedules are carried out. More up to date and accurate information makes your budgets and forecasts more accurate too giving you better insight into the costs of repairs and replacements while also helping you to schedule essential works in a more timely manner without the need to wait for expensive breakdowns and failure.

The most accurate property maintenance budgets are based on the most accurate data and financial information. When you link your asset data to the AI Asset database, any changes or updates in costings of those assets can automatically flow through to your reports. This removes the need to estimate costs based on old data ensuring your maintenance budget is more accurate. 

AI Assets is an ideal tool for property surveyors. We make it faster and easier for surveyors to capture asset data during site inspections ensuring you and your team can get through inspections in a fraction of the time. With more than 1500 standard assets in our database,  we also make it easier to capture asset data consistently across multiple sites and teams. AI Assets also makes it quick and easy to create client reports and financial models based on more than Xx templates or customised to your requirements. 

AI Assets is ideal for property surveyors especially those who specialise in commercial, industrial and retail property.

Yes! The value of electronic data capture software like AI Assets has been recognised by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in their Planned Preventative Maintenance Guidance Note (1st edition).
Read more here (link to RICS article to come)

Our charging is based on a subscription basis with three tiers. To get a proposal and understand how AI Assets could work for you, please email:

The data in the AI Assets costing database is updated annually, typically at the start of each year.

Yes, commercial property owners and their facility managers can use AI Assets. The AI Asset web platform makes it easy for facilities managers and property owners to identify and schedule repairs and maintenance and update asset data once that work has been completed. This ensures your asset data – and future financial reporting – is always up to date and based on the latest building information.

Yes, absolutely! You can click here to watch this video of how AI Assets works, or if you’d like a full demonstration, please email: to make a time. 

Yes, we can upload your data from your past reports or asset register into AI Asset and work with you to update the data immediately. You’ll need to supply us with your Excel or CSV document and we’ll import it for you. 

We do have an open API. Third party vendors can link and accept it. This means you can integrate AI Assets with platforms including Archibus, Tririga or Maximo accounts so the data pulls through automatically.

You can generate more than 12 standard reports within AI Assets including capex and opex reports, asset lifecycle reports and condition reports. You can also customise reports either by changing the name of our standard reports to follow company norms or by creating your own types of reports from scratch and saving them as a template for future use.

Both KyKloud and SPM Assets are well known technology but we think AI Assets, being Australian-made asset management proptech has many advantages. This includes the speed and efficiency of capturing assets in the field with AI Assets, especially in remote or difficult locations and even when you don’t have access to wifi. AI Assets also has a central database of assets with over 1800 listings, which makes it faster to identify assets and it means your data is consistent across multiple asset inspectors. Finally, our pricing makes us extremely cost effective. 

Maximo, Archibus and Tririga are fantastic workplace management tools used in the commercial property industry. But they need great asset data to function to their best. AI Assets is a complementary tool to these systems. AI Assets makes it easier to capture good quality commercial property asset data that can be quickly updated so the quality of the reporting, insights and projects that you’ll be able to produce inside your workplace management systems will also significantly improve. Think of AI Assets as turbo charging the accuracy and efficiency of what you can do with your existing software.