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Best Practices and Facilities Management Tips Facility Managers can Follow

Facility management is a job that requires consistent education. It’s a job that requires a lot of advice, especially when there are new types of technologies that need to be implemented. It wouldn’t matter if you’re a veteran facility manager, or a greenhorn behind the wheels, the need for consistent data is vital. Now, you […]

The Unique Ability of SaaS to Empower Facility Managers

Facility managers have a hard time dealing with all the tasks they have. This should already be a normal thing for a lot of facility managers, which should already be a normal thing. However, this should not be the case because getting used to the difficulty of tasks won’t help. What would help facility managers […]

SaaS Works for Both Large and Small Facility Management Tasks

Among the many misconceptions about Software-as-a-Service (Saas), there are two that are remarkably contradictory to each other. One is the idea that SaaS is but a low-budget option for startup facilities still trying to get off the ground and make enough past their second year. By then, they would finally be able to create their […]

Digital Tools that are Prominent in Facility Management

Technology has been advancing a lot in the past few years. What seemed impossible before, feats that were merely true in sci-fi films and novels, have now become a reality. Touch screen phones, the Internet, computers, and futuristic automobiles have been popping out left and right, each of them becoming better each year. With the […]

Signs that There’s a Need to Upgrade to a Better Data Aggregation Software

Nowadays, information is one of the biggest components that let businesses and companies function properly. Data, as it’s commonly called, is a vital resource in the modern world. With it, corporations can check how they’re doing in the market, organisations can evaluate what they need, and businesses can use them to improve. But data, just […]

How Utilizing the Power of SaaS is Improving Facility Management

Technology has helped humankind advance in so many ways. It has paved the way to new inventions and innovations, helped make the quality of medicine (and other medical service) better than ever. It also led to more efficient equipment, tools, software, etc., all of which aids in making our tasks more manageable. One of the […]

4 Ways that SaaS can Aid Any Business Grow

Business growth is very important. Without growth, it’d be impossible for a business to remain in the industry, or field that they’re. There are a couple of factors that enables a company or an organisation to grow to its full potential. One factor is the capability of a facility manager. Facility managers are one of […]

The Reason Why Facility Management Systems are Vital

In a business, company, organisation, or anything that’s of a large scale, there are always management systems. These systems are put in place so that tasks would be easier to track, instructions would be easier to disseminate, and communication would be faster. Everything would flow smoothly, and things would be simpler for everyone. A specific […]

Common Facility Management Dilemmas and How SaaS Helps Managers Deal with Them

Encountering issues in facility management is nothing really new. Facility managers get to deal with a bunch of them throughout the day, and most probably throughout the entirety of their careers. Some are quite rare, but most of them are pretty common which experts have been able to identify. As facility managers, it is their […]

Leading Causes of Crude Data Quality

The reasons as to why data quality is often crude can be traced back to various factors. A simple typo, filing the information in the wrong storage, or perhaps there was an instance that the person in-charge of mining the data got distracted. Bottom line is that whatever the cause, the result is always the […]