3 Common Reasons Why Organisations Don’t Have a Good Maintenance Regime

Businesses, especially those that operate 24/7, cannot afford to experience downtime. While the frontliners are doing their best to earn money for the organisation, the maintenance team must also work hard behind the scenes to make sure no unpleasant surprises happen such as equipment malfunction. Effective maintenance regimes could make or break your organisation. Unfortunately, […]

This is What You Should Expert from a Good Condition Assessment

This is What You Should Expert from a Good Condition Assessment As an organisation expands, it acquires more assets over time. Having an accurate assessment of the condition of these assets helps the business plan their budget and prepare for future replacements. Equipment that are no longer in good condition will not only affect budget […]

Save Time, Money and Effort With Aston-i

Quality of data has always been a problem within the FM industry. There has never been an easy way to collect data or to update existing data and it’s always been an expensive and time-consuming task to complete and often only the main assets are collected and an educated guess is used for everything else. […]

Unlock the Secrets of Your Facility Through Reliable and Quality Data

Facility Management encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology (IFMA.org). It covers a lot of area and discipline. It has a wide scope which covers the facility, or the built environment, and the people in the organization. Most facility departments need to collect a wide […]

Gain Competitive Edge While Managing Your Facility

Technology has completely changed the way people do business. A wide range of applications and softwares are being created in order to improve efficiency, quality, and consistency of service delivered. One of this is cloud computing. “If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell […]

Achieve Better Control Of Your Facility Through Reliable Data Analytics

As we all know, maintaining an updated database helps in managing a facility. Consistent, on-time, and good quality data enables facility managers devise strategies and plans for the facility. They continue to rely more on insights from asset data to make critical decisions on a daily basis.   Without data, you’re just another person with […]

Grow Your Asset Data by Choosing the Right Tool

Database provides a consistent medium to store and access information in a facility. It plays a major role in managing current programs, foreseeing future expenditures, and designing activities for facility management. Managing a facility is only possible through the collection and interpretation of quality data, and the database is only as strong as the quality […]

Taking a whole of life approach to facility management

According to Dr Mark Jordan asset management lead at Leighton Contractors “the asset management process is no longer viewed as being confined to just the physical assets, but also the human, financial, information and intangible assets.” In this case, successful asset management takes a whole of life or lifecycle approach and must focus on usability, […]

How to prevent asset blow-outs

The round trip costs of asset purchase and management may be more than an organization first bargained for. It is therefore imperative to have a full understanding of the asset, its operational costs and the impacts of poor asset performance. Careful planning and coordination of organisational infrastructure is fundamental to the economic wellbeing of a […]